Common Duckweed

Common Duckweed is a tiny plant that can be found floating in still patches of water. It can even grow in calm pools in streams. A few plants can reproduce quickly and colonize an area after the bulk of the population has been washed away. It can be found worldwide, thought it is considered a non-native invasive in the Southern Hemisphere. Ecologically, it provides a critical food source for many animals and it’s fast growth make it excellent at improving water quality. It is even cultivated as a feed crop in some places and has been researched for use in biofuel. However, its fast growth can also mean it can take over a pond if not controlled properly. Complete coverage can block out light to other aquatic vegetation and cause other minor problems. As a result, it is sometimes controlled as a weed when it becomes too established, but when present in smaller numbers is considered harmless.

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