Why Minimum Wage?

When I first saw the idea of a $15/hour minimum wage suggested, I was skeptical.  My skepticism came from not agreeing with the number since I had seen low cost of living areas where it seemed like less than that was far more than what was needed to support oneself.  My counter suggestion at the time was something more like $10/hour since the math I had done for my own finances said that was my own break-even point if I stayed living in the area near my college post-graduation.  I was expecting to be in the main body of the argument against $15/hour and that discussion would be a back and forth about what was the ideal number to increase the minimum wage to.

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A Tale of Two Capitalisms

Capitalism is a loaded word.  For good or bad, it exists at the core of modern economic theory and any discussion about economic policy cannot avoid it.  Opinions on capitalism range from it being the greatest economic system ever developed to it being the greatest evil faced in our times.  The problem is, the more I have looked at the issue the less sure I am that everyone means the same thing when they say “Capitalism”.

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The Dual Housing Market

Everyone can agree that the housing market is a bit crazy at the moment. Even before COVID, it was a solid seller’s market and the pandemic has just exaggerated the market state that was already there. A lot of people are talking about the various reasons behind this, but there is one facet that isn’t talked about much. There exists two wildly different groups of people trying to buy into the market and because they are competing for the same resource the prices are going crazy.

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