Gray Squirrel

The Gray Squirrel (also called the Eastern Gray Squirrel) is found east of the Rockies throughout the United States and Southern Canada. In the wild, they prefer forest habitat and are most successful in forest stands that produce large quantities of nuts with Oak and/or Hickory forests being their favorite. They are also one of the animals that has adapted well to the presence of humans. They can commonly be found even in urban environments if there are enough landscaped trees present.

This readiness to live near humans has caused them to become an invasive nuisance worldwide but they are especially bad in the UK. Even within their native range, they are sometimes considered a nuisance. Extensive measures are often taken to prevent them from stealing from birdfeeders. The squirrel has proven clever enough that they often manage to figure out a way around whatever has been put in place to stop them.

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