Midway (2019): A Surprisingly Solid Film

I’ve previously discussed Midway (1976) as an example of a well done Battle Epic.  However, some people may not be aware that there is a more recent version.  Midway (2019) covers the events of the exact same battle with updated cinematography.  Many fans of war movies decided to ignore it upon seeing the trailers due to its superficial resemblance to Pearl Harbor (2001).  Upon seeing the film, I would say that skipping it is a mistake.

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Mulan: A Dreadful Misunderstanding of Music and Soldiers

Mulan (2020) is a movie with a lot of problems.  Many people have covered the various aspects of the movie that didn’t work and some have even covered why the music doesn’t work.  However, there was one comment from the director that doesn’t get enough attention.  In my mind, it speaks to a disrespectful misunderstanding of both military and musical tradition and it also shows an ignorance of cinematic history that is baffling in the director of a big-budget film.

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Battle Epics: The Forgotten Movie Genre

War Movies have been a mainstay of cinema since the medium has existed. Even in the days of silent film, many of the early hits were War Movies. Take a look at The General (1926) as an example of an early one and Greyhound (2020) as a more recent one. However, with the constant presence of this genre, there is a subgenre that has largely disappeared.

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