Aquatic Vampires

Vampires are the origin for many of the stories about mermaids and sirens. Long ago, a group of vampires decided to hide from the sun by going deep underwater. They found that this also had the benefit of keeping them safe from vampire hunters. After all, no one questions people going missing at sea and, even if they do, it is hard to attack a vampire lair 100 feet below the water.

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The Romanian Empire

Vlad Tepes (also known as Dracula) was Voivode of Wallachia in the mid-1400s. During his reign, Wallachia faced expansionist invasions by the Ottoman Empire. Vlad used every strategy available to him to stop the Ottoman invasion. Eventually, he turned to darker methods and allowed himself to be turned into a vampire. This granted him the power to turn the Ottomans back, but it came at a cost.

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Vampire Castes

Prior to the Neolithic Revolution, small packs of vampires would stalk the larger tribes of nomadic humans, preying on them at night. When humans began settling into permanent villages and cities, most vampires continued their stalking habits, just with more permanent lairs hidden in the outskirts of smaller settlements or the depths of larger ones. However, one vampire was more enterprising than that.

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