Black Widow: Right Movie at the Wrong Time

When Black Widow (2021) came out only a few months ago, it was met by mixed reviews.  As someone who has watched every other MCU movie, I felt obligated to watch it at some point but the negative reviews didn’t enthuse me.  So, I didn’t go out of my way to see it but added it to my “to watch” list.  I just got around to watching it and now I regret waiting so long.  It is a good movie and I suspect the negativity of it isn’t the fault of the movie but an aspect of a broader studio issue.

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Shang-Chi: A Showcase of the Difference Between the Action and Martial Arts Genres

From a cinephile standpoint, it is pretty easy to regard the past decade’s deluge of Superhero movies as simply the latest trend in the Action Genre.  People who are not fond of this genre of movies will often complain of how sick they are of all of the superheroes.  However, those that are fond of the Action Genre have been able to recognize how the various Superhero movies have been hitting the various subgenres to Action.

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Worm: A Deconstruction of Superheroes

Worm is technically not a book. It was released as a series of blog posts in a similar style to the old newspaper serials. The author (J. C. McCrae) refers to the story as a “Web Serial” in reflection of this format. However, at 1.68 million words it stands as a longer story than most book series and the author clearly put the same level of careful quality into the story that you see behind many more traditionally published stories. A dark take on the superhero genre, it isn’t a story for everyone but, for the right audience, it is a must-read.

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