Different Habitats

Sexual dimorphism is a strange thing.  Some creatures don’t have it at all and even careful observation cannot tell the difference between the sexes.  Some creatures only have one or two key features that distinguish the sexes but otherwise follow the same basic size and shape.  Other creatures will have such extreme differences that at first glance it is difficult to even tell they are the same species.  Humanity is an especially extreme case where the different sexes don’t even typically occupy the same habitat.

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The DroCh

In their own tongue, they call themselves the DroCh.  “Ch” is used to represent a voiceless uvular fricative, a sound that does not exist in the common trade languages but is common in the language of the DroCh (also known as DroChlaCh).  They are an isolated people that have little contact with other races, but when that contact does occur, they are referred to as either “Dwarfs” or “Dragons”.  As a species, they are an example of extreme sexual dimorphism and a resulting high degree of division of labor along the lines of sex.  

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